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Hi I would like to know, which would be an auspicious month + date that is suitable for registration of marriage in 2017. My fiancee chinese zodiac is a sheep and mine is horse.
We intend to ROM within the next 3 months

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Following are auspicious ROM dates for you to choose in June, July and August:

June: 2nd (Clash Tiger), 3rd Sat. (Clash Rabbit), 4th (Clash Dragon), 10th Sat. (Clash Dog), 11th Sun. (Clash Pig), 13th (Clash Ox), 16th (Clash Dragon), 23rd (Clash Pig), 25th Sun. (Clash Ox), 26th (Clash Tiger), 27th (Clash Rabbit)

July: 4th (Clash Dog), 7th (Clash Ox), 9th Sun. (Clash Rabbit), 10th (Clash Dragon), 14th (Clash Monkey), 15th Sat. (Clash Rooster), 16th Sun. (Clash Dog), 17th (Clash Pig), 26th (Clash Monkey), 29th Sat. (Clash Pig)

August: 1st (Clash Tiger), 2nd (Clash Rabbit), 3rd (Clash Dragon), 8th (Clash Rooster), 10th (Clash Pig), 11th (Clash Rat), 13th Sun. (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Dragon), 21st (Clash Dog), 22nd (Clash Pig), 23rd (Clash Rat), 24th (Clash Ox), 25th (Clash Tiger), 27th Sun. (Clash Dragon)

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