Auspicious day to pray for 2016 cheng meng


My husband was born on 20 april 1948, but, passed away on 17 june 2015 at 4.15p.m.
I am born on 3 september 1952 at 5.30p.m.
My eldest daughter is born on 30 august 1978 at 12.10p.m.
My second daughter is born on 28 january 1980 at 6.30a.m.
My youngest son is born on 13 may 1986 at 8.30p.m.
According to people, i must pray my ancestors first before i can pray to my husband during cheng meng prayers. It seems new grave must be prayed 10 days before actual cheng meng's date. Please help me to choose a good date to pray my ancestors and a good date to pray my husband. Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi Susiechong,

What's your nationality? I'm not sure the cheng meng date you mentioned. Is it Qing Ming Festival (The Chinese Tomb-Sweeping Day)? The Chinese Tomb-Sweeping Day will fall on Apr.4 in 2016. Do you mean to find an auspicious date to pray your ancestors and also a good date to pray your husband next year? Please clarify.
Or do you mean the Chinese lunar date of October 1? It's the day for Chinese people to sacrifice the ancestors and the passed. In Gregorian calendar, it falls on Nov. 12th this year. The date is both good for you to pray ancestors and husband. The day only clashes the Dog people. There is no one with dog sign among you. So, you can choose the date to pray. On the day, first pray ancestors and them husband will be OK. Hope it helps.
I mean is qing ming festival(the chinese tomb sweeping day) that falls on 4 april 2016.

In China, the custom is to pray the new grave one day before Qing Ming Festivel for the first three years. I check the date 3 April will be an auspicious date for you all to do so. I think you could pray ancestors and then husband on that day.
Thank you so much for your reply.
Do you mean 04 April 2016 the actual qing ming day clashes with person in the dog zodiac?

3 of us will be doing the prayers:

Hi Sofia,

04 April 2016 clashes with the Dog sign in Chinese calendar. As long as you avoid 07:00-08:59 to do the prayers, that's ok. Don't worry too much about it.
Thanks Mindy!

how about prayers on
26 & 27 Mar
02 & 03 Apr

All is ok for dog, tiger and dragon?

reason is I have my paternal, maternal and father to pay respect
all of them in different states so need to arrange separate prayers

thanks again!!
27 Mar clashes the Tiger.
Other rest days are all ok for dog, tiger and dragon.

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