Auspicious day for resuming work in office for 2017 lunar year


Auspicious day to start work after lunar year in 2017

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Hi khpoh,

Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday will be ended on Feb. 3 in 2017 for most of the Chinese people. After the holiday, auspicious dates in February to start work include:

February 6th (Clash Horse), 15th (Clash Rabbit), 18th (Clash Horse), 21st (Clash Rooster), 24th (Clash Rat) and 27th (Clash Rabbit)

Not sure what's your sign. If the date clashes your sign, avoid it.
Is 31 Jan 2017 an auspicious day to resume work in office? I was born under dog zodiac
31 Jan 2017 is an inauspicious date to resume work.

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