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I have been dating a Caucasian guy 17 years older than I am, born in 1949 (unknown birthdate); he has been pursuing me for a year, consistently tells me that each time he sees me, I give him extreme'joy' be it walking in the streets or in church (we met in church). I wasn't attracted to him as he doesn't have a good education and refused to tell me his career before he retired. However, he has treated me well and very respectfully. I am falling for him. I am ambitious and want to pursue a PhD. I am born November 1, 1966.

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Hi Cheng-See Audrey Goh,

In terms of your zodiac signs, you under the Horse sign is not compatible with him who is under the Ox sign.
You are not an ideal match, since it's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other. You are an innate optimist, strives for freedom. He is accustomed to be cautious and attentive on everything, and hopes to build a warm family through tireless efforts. He can't often understand your constant change. You may pay less attention to caring about him, and always thinking of your own idle pleasures or dream.

This is just for your reference. You'd better ask yourself if you love him in the deeper heart.

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