A dream with fire, lift and a pentacle in an eye


Hi everybody! May I ask for help in interpreting another dream I had today...
It consisted of two semi-static parts. In first one I was looking for some time (just saw, without my own presense in a dream) on a yellow flames of fire. And something silver was in the middle but I was not able to recognize what it was. And I felt anxiety.
In second part I was also watching (just saw, without seeing myself in a dream) an eye (one eye) with a huge dark pupil (more like a cat's one but still a human one), maybe dark brown pupil with a rightly written pentacle or pentagram in it. The pentacle outline was yellow or golden, and it took place of the whole pupil.
There was also a third part where I was waiting for a lift up with other people. There were a lot of people waiting and several lifts. And there was a problem with them apparently. I choose one lift but saw that none of people waiting for it pushed a button to calll for lift. I did it. And as the movement started I saw a problem with the lift I choose: a man (male) has stuck on the top of escalator that suddenly appered instead of lift - his cloths have stuck there and he and the escalator could not move. So I stayed waiting when this man is freed and escalator or lift will start working and I will be able to continue my way.
Thank you!

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