27/08/1972-inexplicable bleeding.


Hellow.I am an 27/07/72 female and would like to ask why have i been so close to death so many times, if i will ever follow my deepest dream before i die,when the death flirt will come too close, and what was the point of having so many talents after all. A waste.

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Your are under the Rat sign. In this year, you will have bad fortune in terms of health. Generally, you may have both mental and physical problems. When you are away from home, you should pay more attention to your personnel safety because you may suffer a bleeding disaster if you are not careful. If you often fall ill in this year, you can manage a wedding to alleviate the effects of clashing with Tai Sui. Clashing with Tai Sui, you will be prone to the accident of bleeding, so you are suggested to donate blood early in this year as a cure.

Good luck
Dear Mary thank you for caring to answer.I thought as a summer born water rat that 2020 was a potentially dangerous year, not this one.Thanks for all the tips!

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