2018 prediction


Please i want to know what this year hold for me in terms of new job and meeting my life partner.

Dob 01/may/1988
Place of birth Maiduguri
Time of birth 19:30


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Hi Mustafa,

You are under the Dragon sign. In 2018, you conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁) which means you will be unstable in work. Changing a job will be a good choice in the year of conflicting Tai Sui. If you could change, it will help you improve your whole luck. But, you need to pay more attention to the personal relationship and be careful in the company.

As for your love, you are expected to meet new friends of opposite sex but most of the relationship will be written in water and you should not be too devoted, or you will get heartbroken; instead, you should focus on work or study in this year.

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