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Dear sir,
i want to know about baby boy prediction from which month to which month date to date tell us .i am confuse in lunar month prediction .

wife birth date 27 aug 1989.
planning in 2018
kindly help us.
realy thanks to you

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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Hi Naveen kumar,

According to the Chinese Gender Calendar, in 2018 you will get a baby boy your wife is conceived in one of the following periods in 2018:
Feb 16 - Mar 16 (30 lunar years old, 1st lunar month)
Dec 7 - Dec 31 (30 lunar years old, 11th lunar month)
how my wife 30 years old he completed28 years 29 is going on .you ptedict 30lunar age
Hi Naveen kumar,

Chinese gender chart use Chinese lunar age instead of actual age. It's usually one or two years older than the actual age.

Before Chinese new year 2018 which falls on Feb. 16, your wife's lunar birthday is 29 and after it she is calculated as 30 years old.

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