works and money luck.


Master, reading this above contain on wood horse it tell most good live and good thing in people of horse live, as now am learning to know more on how to improve my needs for my luck, many have send me, but its isn't there for me,, Please help, thanks Master.

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Hi John,

With an unstable luck for wealth, you may make a fortune or suffer a loss; you need to grasp the opportunity timely and make reasonable use of funds, so success will be waiting for you!
Performance in Wealth:
1. Your luck for wealth will be full of changes.
2. You are not good at financial management and only know increasing income but know nothing about reducing expenditure. Being face-saving and vainglorious, you may even save your face lavishly.
3. While investing into a business, you should be determined and never be misled by the public opinion. If you are not prudent, you may go bankrupt, even suffer a total failure.

You are open-minded, responsible and have the strong leadership skills. However, you might be not tolerant enough and give up halfway. If you can keep motivating yourself to make efforts, you can make great achievements.
Performance in Career:
1. Being enterprising, you have a very high perception and sensibility and may try all sorts of new challenges.
2. Full of spirit and energy, you have a flexible commercial awareness and unique insights into operation and management.
3. You strive for efficiency for everything and can quickly finish the task assigned by your boss; you like the work full of changes and don't like to be controlled by others.
4. The challenging work can stimulate your inspiration but you should not accept the challenge beyond your abilities, or you will suffer the unavoidable failure.

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