Will we be heading for a divorce, date of birth 15/09/1961 husband 14/10/1953


Will we be heading for a divorce in this year 2017?

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Male Snake + Female Ox are a good match that can stick to each other through all life's ups and downs. Both of you are cautious, pragmatic and diligent, and have common belief, prime mover and excellent judgement. Your husband is calm, persevering and wily, capable of dealing with all the emergencies and hardships. You are loyal, strong-minded and trustworthy, and can put all the household chores in order methodically.

If you have any conflict, please communicate more and be tolerant. Just go through the hard days together.
But he lies and cheated on me.
Dora, sometimes people tell the white lies. Consider more before make the decision.

Good luck.

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