Will I marry him


I am anisha my date of birth 3.11.1999 3.05 am.
My bf dob 25.07.1995.

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Hi Anish,

You could marry him.

You are an enviable couple, since both of you are content with what you have and are willing to devote yourselves to your love and marriage. Your boyfriend under the pig sign is a gentleman who is out-going, generous and courteous, while you under the rabbit sign is smart, witty, acute and careful. He loves your tenderness and kindness, and would give all he has to your and your family. You admire his generosity and tolerance so much that are willing to offer a helping hand to him any time if needed.
In which year we will get married.
And,is there any opposition will arise from his parents because I'm hindu and he is muslim or there is any chance to accept our love.
If you two insist, they will accept your love at last. You may get married in recent three years.
Thank you

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