Which House direction my husband and I suit?


Im planning on building a house (where I am is north facing) but if I want to buy another house as building is too expensive. I'm not sure what house direction suits us both in health success and relationship. Not sure what to do at the moment. Before I do any of that, i would like to know in order of preference the house direction and house plan. I know how to work out the Kua number and east or west group for both of us. But I still don't know how to see which house direction is best for us both together. What I was searching was the Kua number of each of us but I would like to know what's best for us both in general. I'm confuse either to use zodiac or not. I don't know which one to apply. What I read is really for the individual itself. Plz tell me exactly what's the best direction option that we are compatible. Eg. We are suited to North or West..etc. in order of preference. And the layout of the house plan for each house direction we both suited. Eg. Where the kitchen is, main bedroom etc. thank you.

Wife d.o.b >>> 30 June 1975
Husband d.o.b>>> 9 March 1973

Do you need my kids info as well?

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House direction had better face south in most cases which could get more sunshine. There is no relationship with Kua number with this direction. I'm not sure which country your house is located, you can judge the right direction by seeing if the bedroom and living room could get the most sunshine.

In general, East, southeast, northwest, northeast and north are the auspicious directions for the kitchen. West is neither good nor bad. South and southwest are the ominous directions. You'd better make your Kitchen located in the northeast direction.

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