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Hi there,
I reside in Melbourne and wish to buy a house recently . Based on mine and husband's date of birth below, we seems to be on a different group ( East for me and West for him) .
What will be the best facing direction for our house ?

Another issue I'm having is the current bedhead that has both bedroom door and toilet door facing the bed and the bedhead is on the NorthWest direction which is bad for me according to my kua. How can I cure this if it's true?

My kua says the best direction for me is Southeast - should i be sitting on Southeast or sit on Northwest facing southeast ?

Husband's date of birth : 3rd Nov 1984
My date of birth : 5th July 1980

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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It's bad Feng Shui that the bedroom door and toilet door face the bed and the bedhead. You need to change the postion of your bed.

As you are in different groups, you need to use the lucky direction of the one who make the most of the money or surport the family most. If you are the one, South East, North, South, East and Southeast are all lucky directions for you. You should do important things more in those directions in order to get good luck.
Thank you for your reply. If changing the position of the bed is not an option, is there anything I can put to fix the situation ? Say, i have a wooden bedside table next to my bed before the bathroom door. Does that help ? thanks.
The best way is to change the postion. If you have a wooden bedside table next to the bed and make the bedhead not face the bedroom door and toilet door directly, that works.

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