which date is considered to be the date of conception?


im quite confused as to which date is the date of conception? the first date of LMP, or the day of intercorse?
though im planning for a baby boy but not able to get the favourable dates which matches my the ovulation days. moreover I do not want to delay the pregnancy as im already 37years..im quite worried..
plzz help me to get dates in january 2016 favourable for a baby boy..my LMP in november was 10th and i have a 28 day cycle..

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Hello Priya,

The date of conception refers to the first day of your LMP.

Please let me know your date of birth. I'll help you check out the suggested intercourse date. By the way, are your periods regular or not. If it's not regular, it will difficult to calculate the accurate day.

thank you so much for helping me know about my query. 13-3-84 is my DOB. my periods have a regular 28 day cycle. my LPD in nov was 10th nov(5 a.m.) im wanting to conceive in january. plz suggest me the most preffered date and time(if possible) for intercourse for conceiving a boy. as according to me my LMP in january is expected to come on 6thh jan approx..plzz help me for my query..

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