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My last lmp was 4 or 5march 2016 but my avg length of cycle is 28 so the conception date is different that is 18march we dint had * on that day it may b 13-16 or 22-23 now tell me how ul calaculate my conception date my due date is 9 December date of birth is 16 March 1988 what will b my gender coz lunar conception date is not 4 March common

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Hi Ntiwari,

If you use Chinese baby gender chart to predict your baby's gender, your first day of last period time was your conception date. In lunar calendar, it's in January.

Your Chinese lunar age at the time of conception is 29. Check them in the Chinese baby gender chart, you would get a baby girl.
I thought it was mistaken somewhere bdw conception date is not the same as lmp so I were wrong here n bdw m having a baby boy as per my calculation through Chinese lunar conception that is 18march if u taking lmp as conception then it is totally wrong

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