Which age i will get married it iss love or arranged


Date of birth 21/12/1997
Time 5am

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Hi Zeenat fatma,

You may have arranged marriage. Possible years in which you will get married include the Rooster (2017, 2029), Rat (2020), Tiger (2022), Snake (2025) and Monkey (2028) years.
Which age i will get married

Date of birth 27/11/1986
Time 10:35 pm
Location : istanbul
Hi sonity,

You may get married in 2018, 2019, 2021, 2026 or 2027.
At what age I will get married .Love or arranged.
Birth date 29/04/1991
Time 8.47 am
When I will get married and it will be love or arranged . My dob is 18 Aug 1999
When I will get married. It will be arranged or love. My date of birth is 15/12/1992. Female. Time -1:05 pm. Place -araria

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