When I will get married- some guidance


My birthdate was on Oct. 12, 1973 and my bf was on Mar. 27, 1972. He is an asian too but in different nationality and has been working in other country, we are in LDR for almost 3 yrs. We met online in 2011, and met for the 1st time in person in other country in 2015. After, we have communicated to meet for the 2nd time but for the nth time he has always been busy, supposedly this Nov. 12 but I heard nothing from him yet for the extended date. It has been really hard for an LDR, appreciate for some guidance:
- Is he really busy in his work?
- Has he really loved and serious to me and our future?
- My heart has been telling to wait for me but my mind is confused, should I still wait for him- is he the one God's destined for me?
- When will I get married?

More power. Thank you so much.

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You are a perfect match as you are under the Ox sign and he is under the Rat sign. You problem mainly lies on the long distance. If you want to be together for long, one of you need to be moved to the other's place. Or, it's impossible for you to get married with him in the future. If you couldn't be together, better end your relationship. You will meet another proper one in the future.
Hi, my birthdate was on Oct. 12, 1973, I would appreciate your accurate predictions please:
- what specific year and with whom (what name) which God destined me to get married? Will he still be my ex with birthdate on Mar. 27, 1972 or someone else?
- when will I get the new career opportunity and other financial blessings which I have been praying for?
Thank you so much.
Hi LC,

You may get married to someone else not your ex with the birthdate on Mar. 27, 1972.

You may get married in year of the Rat 2020. Also, in 2020, you are expected to get a good career oppotunity and financial blessings.

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