when i get married and life settled


My name is Kowshik DOB 19-06-1989 Time 12:48:00 Pm Place of birth Cuddapah,Andhra Pradesh,India

please tell me when i get settled in life still no job and when i get married


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Hi mkowshik,

You under the sign of snake may get settled in life and get job in the next year. In this year which is year of the Rooster, although you are compatible with the year's sign Rooster, you will not have great change in terms of career luck due to the fact that you Snakes have offended punishment with Tai Sui in the previous year, leading to the bottom of career luck, thus cannot have good opportunity to turn over even in a new year.

In 2018, your will be blessed with 'Zi Wei' and 'Long De' benefactor stars related to career, so your career will develop smoothly under the help and support of superior. Blessed by 'Lu Xun', the career of you Snakes with a stable job will rise steadily and you may expect the support from benefactor, thus get salary raise and promotion.

Also, you may get married in 2018. Or it may happens in 2021 or 2024.

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