what is the meaning of all my Dreams


I dream about my aunt and uncle that they are both already dead and i was talking to them. what is this means ?
and also dream about driving naked that have only a small towel in my lap. with a woman that i don't even know
who she was ?and then i was running from someone and i find my self falling from the edge with a bunch of kids.
what is all this means ?
I hope you give me some answers, thanks

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Dreaming about talking with your dead aunt and uncle is auspicious. It indicates you have a good fortune recently. Your relationship with your relatives and friends are good. Also, your small wish may come true in waking life. However, you should watch out your finance situation. You may spend a lot in recent times.

Driving naked means you want to be honest with others. Running from someone and yourself falling from the edge with a bunch of kids indicates your may suffer financial losses, have love or health problem recently. You'd better avoid investing.

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