What is the meaning if you dream a number 50 and 500 hundred note


Can you tell me what meaning of 50 and 500 hundred notes ,someone gave me.

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Hi Josephine,

In waking life money is usually a symbol of power, wealth and prosperity. If you are experiencing dreams about money notes, it could be because you could currently be experiencing material gain. Big money might be coming to you, you could have invested well or your business could be thriving.

The number 500, as a combination of these energies and attributes, symbolizes major life changes related to the process of your spiritual development. It also symbolizes change of cycles and phases in your life, as well as endings of important things and situations, and making space for new ones.

The Number 50 has something to do with your health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices. Also it brings a message to live your life as it suits you personally, and do not allow your fears or other people’s opinions deter or hinder you.

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