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I was born on four days before the Chinese New Year. My D.O.B. is February 14, 1977. I have characteristics of both Dragon and Snake. Which am I in your opinion. Any hope for me?

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There are two ways to decide a person's zodiac sign in China. One is by using Chinese lunar New year as a division. You belong to the Dragon sign if you use this way to calculate your zodiac sign.

They other way is by using Lichun (the beginning of Spring) as a division. It's the first solar term of the 24 solar terms. In 1977, the beginning of Spring happened on Feb. 4. 1977 is the year of the Snake. So, in this case, you belong to the Snake sign.

But in China, more people tend to calculate their zodiac signs based on the first day of the New Year of the Chinese lunar calendar. So, you should be under the Dragon sign. But, you have both characteristics of Dragon and Snake.

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