Wether I ll get married to my lover or not


I want to marry the person whom it love. I am 23 year old . I love him very much.

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Hi Raksha,

You can provide the date of birth of you two. I'll help you if you are compatible.
My date of birth is 10th Jan 1994 timming 6:50 am and his is 22nd Nov 1991 timming between 1-4 am approx.
Does he love you too? If he always loves you, you are sure to marry with him.

He is under the Sheep sign and you are Rooster in Chinese Zodiac. In nature, you always hold different standpoints on problems. However, once you fall in love with each other, you are willing to finding common ground while reserving differences. Both of you will try your best to build up a steady family. But the male sheep usually doesn't like the female rooster's adventurousness, and you may find him too cautious.
Yes he also love me.
We are together as friends since 7 years. And always wanted to be together in our future.
So is our life ahead will be happier ...? We ll even try to compromise our different standpoint .

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