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How will the ox born in jan 18 1962 do in the year of the 2016

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2016 is a favorable year to you Ox born in 1961 ( February 15, 1961 - February 4, 1962). You can get appreciation and help from others. A promotion and salary increase are also expected this year. Although there would be small obstacles, you could still have bright prospects in work. What you should avoid is to hesitate or draw back when meeting difficulties. Auspicious months in 2016 for your career include the Chinese lunar month of March, July, August, November and December. So, you should grasp good chances during these months.

In wealth, you should look after your finances well and be cautious in any investment in 2016. You should stay away from any gambling activities.

Your health condition will be mainly good. Although there are some small sicknesses, you can recover soon after taking medicine. In daily life, you should lead a regular life and watch out your diet. Besides physical condition, you should avoid great happiness and great sadness in emotion to avoid triggering a relapse.

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