Want to know about my future what should I do to keep myself busy


Date of birth- 8 October 1990
Birth time- 11:30 pm
Birth place- Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, india

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Namaste...My super horse friend LOL...I did a brief Chinese 8 characters astrology chart on your birthday and I discovered u have three horses and one dog in your four pillars which is truly amazing and why I called u Super Horse...!!! LOL...!!!

Now when someone got this many horse signs in chart they must love traveling everywhere most of their free time or even on the job or study ... Do u ???

Liking to keep busy is a natural tendency for u due to your galloping way...In fact I encourage u to slow down and smell the flowers a little bit to take care of you health and relationships which coo suffer if u just keep running around non stop and or run away from your relationships...!!!

Your birth day number 8 ensures a life time of money and power of some kind even high position and u are hard working and fair and social as a Libra with a large circle of friends ...Plus being generous is a natural for u always helping others ... Or carry other burdens as a good horse would love to do...Amen so I encourage u to join as many charitable organization to keep busy as u say but do also keep some private quality time with your meditation and prayers for u ... Your family and friends ... Namaste ... Super horse LOL oh and keep Laffing like me... LOL...hahaha...hohoho too ... Santa my Austrian cousin borrowed my Cantonese greeting ... HO means good in Cantonese

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