three aquairums filled with tropical fish


Dream: There fish tanks were all in a room at my sister's home. Outside I was holding hands with someone I have a crush on (he as well) he had just kissed me and I wanted him to see the fish in the aquariums. We went into the room and then he disappeared.

Real life, I haven't seen this man in nearly a year and think about him and dream about him often.

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Did you see fish in your dream? What kind of fish?

For the man you dream about, it's a reflection of your present love life. If you are married, you may not satisfied with your husband. The drean just reminds you to learn to be modest and tolerant in life. Also, becareful of your behaviour, manner and words to others to avoid making troubles.
There is NO present love life!! hehehe No, I am not married and it has been eons since I've been in relationship! I'm in my sixties. The fish were beautiful, lots of tropical small fish. Crystal clear blue water. Lovely! I have never dated this man, just a crush. He is divorced 8 years but has never dated. He is still loyal to his ex and they do not have relations. (divorced on paper but married in his heart?) This is the reason I choose not to continue to see him at plutonic public events we both attended.
Hi Laine,

As you are single and the fish are beautiful, it indicates the love you want is hard to get. But as the water is very clear, your wealth condition will be good.

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