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Can you please advise how well would I fare in 2016 for career, wealth, health & relationship. I am born in month of May 1975. Thanks

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Hi Catherine,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit. For a 1975 born rabbit, your wealth condition is not so good in 2016. You are hard to save during the year because you may spend a lot of money on house decoration or travel.

In career, you’ll be creative and inspired that could bring a lot of surprise to your company. Thus you will be appreciated by your supervisor and be expected to get a promotion. If you are already in executive level leadership, you could show your leadership talent well.

In relationship, if you are single, you could meet an excellent opposite sex who will be devoted to you. If you have love now, you could get along well with him during the year.

No big problem for your health for you in 2016. But as there will be many social activities in 2016, your routine will be disturbed. You should try best to curb appetite for food and drink. More black food will be good for your health.
Thanks Cindy for the overview on 2016 predictions. Could you please elaborate a bit more in details.

Can you please advise how to increase wealth in 2016 even though they might be outflow in areas of house renovations/travel, etc....that will help tremendously in area of finance when the global economy outlook seems gloomy

As for career advancement prospect, is 2016 a good time to change job or continue to stay in current company?

In relationship, you mention I could meet an excellent opposite sex who will be devoted to me. Could this relationship mature & bloom to move to next phase of life? Do I need to go seeking for this person or will this person come looking for me?

You did mention in 2016, there will be many social activities in my life. What kind of activities in specific are these? as I am an introvert person. Outdoor, Indoor, parties, etc....
Hi Catherine,

Sorry for the late reply. 2016 is not a good year for you to change job. Better stay where you are now. You'll get more from work in 2016.

You may meet this person in parties or introduced by your friends. It needs your effort. You need to expend your network and make more friends.

The social activities for you to participated are mainly parties.

To increase wealth in 2016, you need to work hard and keep a good relationship with coworkers. This may enable you to get a salary increase. Also, you need to try best to save some money instead of spending on unnecessary things.

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