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Born February 12, 1941. Health and wealth Predictions for 2016. All my horoscopes point to change. What do you have to say. If the same hoe do I change.

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Hi Zoey,

The earthly branch of your zodiac sign Snake clashes with the earthly branch of 2016's zodiac sign Monkey. It's called Xing Tai Sui - Torturing Tai Sui (causing hurt). Tai Sui also known as Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year is regarded as the deity who is in charge of people's fortune.

Under the effect of Torturing Tai Sui, your health will be mostly affected. There will be many small illnesses or your mood will not be so good thus affecting your sleep. You are suggested to change some of your furnitures to enhance your fortune in health. In addition, always confide your problems to friends and participate more activies. You should always look on the bright side of life.

Wealth will also not ideal as well. To avoid money loss, you'd better avoid any investment during the year. Also, avoid lending money to your children or relatives.
Move furniture. Tell me how. Born Feb 12, 1941.

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