I'm 20 years old boy,My Fate line starts from "Moon Mount"and ends at "Saturn Mount",also a big star on the end of Fate line developed on Saturn mount,and Sun line starts from "Moon Mount" and ends at "Sun Mount".
On "Moon Mount" Travel lines make a Fish sign.
I have all these good signs and lines then at which age,my life become according to these signs?
Please reply thank you!

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Hi Shabih Haider,

Your fate line shows you could get success owing to your good interpersonal relationship and creative talent. The people with such a line always have a faithful helpmate. The star on the end of fate line suggests that you are blessed in career and will make great achievements.

Travel lines make a fish sign suggests you may have a good luck which can change your life in travel. For example, you may meet those who can help your career or the right one for getting married during the travel.

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