Ox 2017


Born June 27 1961
How to make it with my finances
Lucky number....things to do or not to do

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Your lucky numbers in 2017 are: 2, 7

Influenced by three ominous stars, you Ox born in 1961 will have a good luck in wealth and you can easily obtain a lot of wealth. But you should avoid spending too much on unnecessary things in the year.

Play lotto a lot but 2016 did not because astrology told me not to gamble in 2016 how about 2017 will my luck return in 2017
Yes, your luck will turn to be better in 2017.
July 4 1985. for love, career and finance. Thank you!
Hello Sam,

For you Ox born in 1985, please get your love, career and finance predictions in 2017 here.
I just lost my recent job due to envy in the workplace! What are you talking about?!

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