My marriage relation in 2016


I am a female rabbit (wood) born in January 1976. My husband was born in May 1977. He is a fire snake. What will the year 2016 brings to our marriage life, as he will be go abroad for work frequently in 2016? Thank you,

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Hi Alyssa,

For the 1975 born Rabbit, your marriage life may not so good in the year of 2016. You may have emotional disturbance and quarrels with your partner because of trifles. In fact, the year is especially good for you to go abroad for work or for travel. If you could go with him together, that will be good.

For the 1977 born Snake, due to his increasing pressure from work, he will be easy to have disputes with you.

If you could care more with each other, understanding and give the other more freedom, you still could enjoy a smooth year. My apologize if the prediction is not right.
By the way, 2016 will not be a good year for your partner as he will fight against Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. He may find in career, wealth, health and love relationship not go smoothly in the year. But if there will be happy events for you such as wedding, give birth to a baby, moving to a new house, etc. his bad luck could be driven away.

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