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Hi, my age is 15 years. I am a boy my hands r very small not those people of my hands r also very rough and dry.the colour of my hands r alwys being red.what its mean

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Hi gagan,

For a boy, a small hand is a good thing. In China, people think a man with smaller hand than normal usually has a great ability to earn a lot of money.

The rough and dry problems of your hand are mostly caused by the lack of vitamin. You are suggested to care the skin of your hand by washing them with warm water and also try to use some skincare products. These could help you to change it for better.

As for the color, if it's light red or pink, that's normal. If it's very red, you have the risk of suffering from anaemia, high blood pressure or diabetes. It may also caused beacuse of the stay up late or too much tired.

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