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Today 3rd October 2019 having a contract signing for renovation for my condo unit. Is it a good day?

Unit number 2112 (21st Floor) is it a good number for us?

Expecting to move in with my girlfriend after completing renovation anytime end of November. What best date & time to officially move-in after 25th November 2019?

My DOB : 1st January 1990 (Snack)
GF DOB : 30th March 1994 (Dog)

Could you give us the best tips & advice?

Thank You.

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Hi Jeremy Kho,

3rd October 2019 is okay for you to sign contract for renovation for your condo unit.

26th November and 29th November, 2019 are aupicious date for yo to move in the condo.

09:00-11:00 is the best time period on these two days to move.

Do's and Don'ts for Moving into the New House:
Hi Marry,

Thank you for the respond & advice.

My signing date of renovation has postponed 4th October 2019. Is it a good day?

Unit main door is facing South East. Is it a good for me?
Hi Jeremy Kho,

4th October 2019 is also good for you to sign. South East is not a good direction for you but good for your GF in Feng Shui.
Hi Mary

Thank you for the fast respond.

Any best advice & tips for me having South East as my main door? What changes or anything that could make it a better place for me?
You can choose to place plants outside the door or hang a picture with flowers and birds at the entrance-hall as a cure.

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