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Hi, my zodiac is a horse, and my partner is a tiger. we are thinking of moving into our new place after the lunar 7th month. What are the auspicious date and timing for us to follow? On the date of shifting, i understand that is good that our hands are holding things, is it ok to hold a safe deposit that will be place into the house? And for the 168 $1 coins to scatter around the house, when should we scatter, should we choose an auspicious date to scatter the $168 coins also ? If yes, may i know what is the auspicious date also ? thanks.

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It's good to hold a safe deposit when you step into the house.

2020 Chinese Ghost Month starts from Aug.19 to Sep.16.

Oct.1, 4, 10, 11, 18, 27 and 30 are auspicious dates for you to move into the new house in October.
Hi, is September 22 auspicious for us as our zodiac is horse and tiger? If yes, what auspicious timing?
September 22 is auspicious for you to move.

07:00-08:59, 09:00-10:59, 17:00-18:59, 21:00-22:59 are auspicious time period for you on the day.

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