mole on my rigth eyebrow


what's happen ? when my mole became big and black on my eyebrow?

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Hi kimkim,

Don't worry, it's an auspicious sign to have mole in right eyebrow.

In most cases, mole in the right eyebrow indicates widsom and kindness. It shows you are wise and willing to help others. You usually have a stron ability to solve problems and will contribute more to your country. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter if it becomes big and black.
my mole is not in my right eyebrow. it upper or top my eyebrow what happen?
hi, if it's close to the begining of eyebrow, it indicates you will have financial problems recently. If it's locates in the middle of the eyebrow and above it, you will have financial problems in the long future.
if i cut my mole ,what is happen?
If the mole is not in good meaning, you are suggested to cut it for good luck.

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