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I am married with pig born (2-01-1983) sign in chinese zodiac and I am horse (20-05-1978) sign in chinese partner we got married on 15-08-2015 but from the day 2 she has issues with me and said she does not like me and dont want to spend life with me and started with different excuses to stay away. Now she is in her home town and she wishes not to live life with me.please advice if we might get along together in future as currently from jan till date she isnt talking to me.

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Hi flavian orseto fernandes,

Your partner is Water Dog in Chinese Zodiac not Pig. And you are Earth Horse.

There is no problem with your relationship in terms of Chinese zodiac because Dog and Horse are the best love match. But your element Earth controls her element Water. It's said the Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow. This may be the reason causing you couldn't be compatible with each other.

In fact, I'm not sure what kind of issues does she have with you. If she doen't love you, why does she marry with you? You should try to find out the problems between you as soon as possible. If you do something wrong, make an apology to her and ask for her forgiveness. Also try to seek help from her parents, your parents or frients to see if it works. The most important thing is to find out the direct reason causing her stay away from you. If she is unreasonable, leave her alone.
Thank you for your reply as certainly I left her alone and tried many times seeking for the answer and have apologised even doing nothing please advice

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