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I have but two (2) walls in living room for placement of a couch (1) wall is SOUTH, the (2) wall is WEST. The NORTH side of living room is a working fireplace. The EAST side of living room is the Foyer (with glass doors). My delimma is this if following Fenn Shui rules NOT to place couch behind any door way (which would be my East), so than if I use the South or West wall problem is I can't put a TV cabinet across due to no functioning wall. MY question is this, could I place the couch in front of the Fireplace (north side) leaving me to use the South wall as the TV cabinet?

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Will the fire splashed out cause a fire due to the couch placed in front of it? I think it is dangerous. You can also place it in front of the foyer and put a screen between the Foyer and couch. This will solve the problem.

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