June 3 for sinus surgery?

Asked by J***6 | 3/16/2016 5:36:38 PM

Hello! I am metal rat, born Nov. 3, 1960, 5 pm, Detroit, Michigan, U.S. I need to have polyps removed and disease removed from both sinuses. My Dr. Wu performs only on Fridays. Can you tell me if May 27 or June 3 are good surgery dates?

Many thanks, and I love your website!


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A***r 3/17/2016 2:10:33 AM

Hi Judy,

I'm sorry. The two days you selected are not espeically auspicious dates for surgery. But if you must choose one of them, I suggest May 27 which is better than June 3.

In May, auspicious dates for surgery include:
May 3rd, 4th, 28th and 31st

In June, only June 25th (Saturday) and 27th (Monday)are auspicious dates.

I'm not sure if you could do it in advance in April. There are two auspicious dates just on Friday, they are: April 22nd and 29th.

Thank you for liking our website. We'll do better and better. Wish you a successful operation.

J***6 3/17/2016 2:52:13 AM

Thank you very much for your reply. I was trying to avoid April or May because western astrology my rising sign is Aries/Taurus. I will rethink your advice and talk to the doctor. Thank you again!

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