Is it ok to retire during on August 31, 2017 the ghost month


If I do not have a choice in the date of retirement, what can I do to counter negative effects if any.
Thank you

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There is no problem if you retire during the ghost month. In ghost month, it's not suggested to get married, give birth to baby or moving. It's okay to retire in the month. Don't worry about this too much.
What is a ghost month? How do I find out which are the ghost months?
Hi Married a rooster,

The ghost month refers to the 7th lunar month in China. In 2017, it's from August 22th - September 19th in Gregorian Calendar.

In China, people think on the Ghost month, the gate of hell will open to allow the ghosts and spirits go back to the living world. During the month, those have families will visit their families and those alone will roam on the street to seek food and entertainment. Family members usually offer sacrifice to their deceased ancestors and relatives during the month and on the Ghost day. You can get more information here:

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