In abundance all types of items fish etc... fall out of the heavens to me.


Seemed to be on acres of land thinking i know my boyfriend is here but wher theres so much land.when in an instance the biggest pile of papeee clips drops from the heavens then tnhe biggest longest coiled water hose im feeling grateful enough to share then all kinds of food then the prettiest koi fish ecotic fish and gold fish all sizes colores most focus on the beautifull koi silverone goldones and gold fiish all alive some land in clear stram as, i look in awe there heathy and swiimimg i see them clearly others on the other side land in like above ground tanks and some kids are inquiring about the beaitiful koi and gold fish when i realize someone is trying to steal some i felt lik why steal them not cool i have more than enough to share i felt grateful and a feeling of being blessed couldnt wait to share the abundace.

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Hi Gwendolyn,

It means you will have no worry about your material life. You should grasp the chances of earning money and don't miss the chance.

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