In 7th month... you don't "sacrifice the deceased"


Just wanted to comment that your english phrasing is not very clear.. Under your page on 7th month (Chinese Ghost Festival) information, the festival is not "the day to sacrifice the deceased". That implies that you would be killing dead people as part of the festival, which does not make sense. Instead, you could phrase it as "the day to pay respects to the deceased by offering sacrifices". The word "offering" is really important here.

Other than that, the page is great and I appreciate how you put the starting date of the current and future years. Very helpful, thanks!

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Hi zakei,

Thank you so much for your correction and sorry for our silly mistake.

We will change "Sacrifice" to "Offering Sacrifice" as soon as possible. We'll try to do better and better in the future. Welcome more kind advices from you.

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