I wants baby boys good lucky

Asked by Y***l | 9/12/2015 1:00:26 AM

I wants baby boy I was born in February 22 1976 can you please provide which months is good for me

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A***r 9/12/2015 7:58:52 AM


Chinese lunar months September and November are best months for you to conceive a baby boy. In Gregorian calendar, it's from November 1 to November 11 in 2015 and December 11, 2015 to January 9, 2016.

Please note that the Chinese baby gender calendar is not scientific. It's not completely accurate to everyone. So, it couldn't guarantee you could get a baby boy if conceiving during the suggested time. just for your reference.

For more time in 2016, you can get it here:

Y*** 9/15/2015 2:42:57 AM

Thanks for your help .I need more help to be accurate . According to gregorian calendar I was born in February 22 -1976 and my husband born in January 29 1975 please can you help me to find which months are good for me to have baby boy . Calculate in Gregorian calendar thanks for your help

A***r 9/16/2015 12:34:13 AM

Hi Yashoda,

These are the dates for you in Gregorian calendar.

November 1 to November 11, 2015
December 11, 2015 to January 9, 2016

Y***l 1/10/2016 5:09:57 AM

Hi this is Yashoda . Thanks so much for your help though I Still need baby boy can you please find date or months for 2016 l really appreciate your help

R***e 1/12/2016 2:38:09 PM

Hi Yashoda,

In 2016 you are suggested to conceive during the following periods for a baby boy:

Jan 1 - Jan 09 (you are 40 lunar years old at this time, conception month is the 11th lunar month)
Feb 8 - Mar 08 (41 lunar years old, the 1st lunar month)
Apr 7 - May 06 (41 lunar years old, the 3rd lunar month)
Jun 5 - Jul 03 (41 lunar years old, the 5th lunar month)
Aug 3 - Aug 31 (41 lunar years old, the 7th lunar month)
Sep 1 - Sep 30 (41 lunar years old, the 8th lunar month)
Oct 31 - Nov 28 (41 lunar years old, the 10th lunar month)
Dec 29 - Dec 31 (41 lunar years old, the 12th lunar month)

Y*** 10/31/2016 1:26:46 AM

Thanks for your help.I was born on February 22 1976 and my husband born on January 29 1975 please find me the solution to remain peaceful and happy in my family members

F*** 11/1/2016 3:22:35 AM

Here is the match result for you and your husband:

North is your lucky direction for love and realtionship. You are suggested to sleep with your head towards North. Also, you can wear ornaments with the sign of Rat to help remain peacefl in your family.

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