I want to know about how to have twins?


Hello sir
I want to know about having twins.. I dnt have any babies.. I want to know when i will conceive? My birthdate is 6/7/1991. I want to hve twins that to one baby girl and a boy. Could you help me with this?

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Hi Aneri patel,

The average person's chance of having twins is about 3%. There are some things that will increase your chances of having twins:
1. Having a family history of twins will increase your chances of having twins.
2. Take folic acid before your get pregnant.
3. If you are overweight, you will have a higher chance of having twins. So, try to gain weight.
4. Eat more dairy products.
5. Eat yams.
6. If you can, better let a doctor help you increase your chances of twins.
Thankyu mam
But we r already on doctors meet. We are trying since 2.5 years. IUI also has done. But no result yet. If not twins then atleast one baby gilr i want. How chienese calender work.on it?
Chinese gender calendar shows in 2019 you will get a baby girl if you are conceived in the following periods:
Feb 5 - Mar 06 (29 lunar years old, 1st lunar month)
Apr 5 - May 04 (29 lunar years old, 3rd lunar month)
May 5 - Jun 02 (29 lunar years old, 4th lunar month)
Oct 28 - Nov 25 (29 lunar years old, 10th lunar month)
Nov 26 - Dec 25 (29 lunar years old, 11th lunar month)
Dec 26 - Dec 31 (29 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Thankyu mam

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