I am having 2 marriage lines and now I am about to be separate


I have 2 marriage lines just like figure 13 (only difference is the shorter one lower and lower one upper). We have married for 11 months only and had many quarrels between us. Now we have decided to be separated. Is there any solution to you. Please help me. I don't want the separation to happen. My wife is very stubborn and I also have anger too.

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Two marriage lines doesn't mean you will have two marriages in life. Most of people have two marriage lines. But as you described, your two lines are not in the same length, one is longer and one is shorter. That means you love life is not stable. Your personality is not good matched with the one with your partner. So, you are easy to have conflicts and quarrels. One of you should make great compromise, or it's hard for you to stay together.

I guess your zodiac signs are not compatible as well. Could you let me know you two's date of birth?
Thank you very much for your reply and help. I guess so, may be our zodiac signs are not compatible as well. Her birthday is April 4 and mine August 2.

There are some information, if they help, for you all my heart line, head line, fate line and life line are long and deep in unprofessional and open eye. My lower relatively shorter marriage line very recently having 2 fork at the ending end.Though very light but still understandable. It was not before. My sun line has touched the heart, head, fate and life line and having an island at just below the base mark of sun finger. My health line is broken 2 times with overlapping side line between fate and heart line. There are 2 little black spots at the place of luna. One previously existed (very close to outer mars) and another one is newly shown. This is the description of my active right hand. Thank you.
I also need to know your birth years. Or it's hard to know your signs.
Hello Sir/madam,

Please help me. My birth day 02 Aug 1984. Her 4 April but year may be of 1985 or 1986.

If she was born on 4 April, 1985, he sign is Ox. If the year is 1986, she is under the Tiger sign. Your sign is Rat, in fact, no matter which sign she is Ox or Tiger, the sign is compatible with you in Chinese culture.

You should stand the her stubborness and bad temper. Try to be considerate and affectionate in order to relieve her sentimentality. One of you should compromise and make concessions for the sake of harnony.
Thank you very much. I will try to follow your advice. Though, may be its too late already. Lets face it.

Sukanta Kumar Khan

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