How to heal from heartbreak?


My boyfriend of 7 yrs (DOB Feb. 7, 1968) and I just broke up a couple of months ago. I broke up with him because he's anti marriage. I know now he's dating a woman. She was his best friend's ex girlfriend about 10-12 yrs ago. My ex hasnt told his best friend yet that he's dating her. Anyhow, I still care about my ex boyfriend and I'm heartbroken. Everyone tells me it takes time to heal. I cant sleep well because I regret breaking up with him. I know I'm supposed to pick up new hobbies, hang out with my friends, etc. I even set up my profile for online dating but no luck. I'm a cute woman, good job, financially successful, smart, caring, compassionate woman. I know I need to have a different mindset to mentally recover but matters of the heart are very difficult to heal. My DOB is April 1975. I was told my love life will be dried. I just want to move forward & be happy.

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Hi can someone please answer or advise my question? Thanks

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