how to get along with a girl born in year dragon


I'm in year of ox month of April 1985 my problem is how to improvement of my self confidence to get along relationship all zodiac specially rabbit dragon and horse...... i'm a slow learning person and very stubborn kind of mind never want to lose to another people, pls help me improvement my life cz i don't want in the rest of my life depending on people, i wane improve my wisdom to the next level get along good relationship wth all zodiac people around me, i want them to know i was try to make my self a better person...... so pls help me thank you...

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Hi Elbert,

The Ox people are mostly hard-working and stubbon. But most people like this kind of people.

The confidence usually comes from a person's great knowledge and rich experiences. You need to read more books, learn more knowledge about how to get a long with people, seek help from seniors... If possible, contact more people and try to make more friends to let them know your thought would be helpful. As every zodiac people has their own personalities, you couldn't be get along well with them all.

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