Dear Sifus,I've bought a new house and my husband invited a master to see my house feng shui. According to the master:-
1.) My current house sits at South, facing North which represent water
2.) My husband birth (20/02/1983 @ 12am) contains too many water also
3.) Front door placing at the right of house
According to the master, too many water will cause floating in making decisions @ he advise the best is move the front door. Can any Sifus here advice me what to put or to do in the house to decrease the water elements problem and for the door facing if i keep back to right side what should I have to do or place anything to cure the bad luck. Thank you very much..

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Hi Hui Hui,

Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow and Water makes Wood grow.

So, have more earth and trees in front could help decease the water elements problem.
Dear Kendy.. Many thanks for the reply.. May I know what can represent earth elements?
Soil, ceramics etc.

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