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Asked by S***m | 5/29/2017 4:39:18 PM

I dreamt holding small baby which fits palms of my hand. I was with my mom and my aunty. Carried her baby and put her a new dress On her. I told my mom that my aunty want to go see that mountain and village i went with my uncle. Apparently i had that dream before with my uncle going to the villsage seeing mountains and water falls and lakes. This time my aunty mention she wants to go there which was weird when I woke up. In reality I'm preparing for my exams but I'm half stress and I don't feel motivated at this moment. I wonder what that means

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H***e 5/30/2017 12:38:18 AM

Hi Sum,

All the things you dream about shows you are growing up and improving yourself. During the period you will meet many obstacles. But it doesn't matter, you could overcome them and get success finally. You wish will come true in the not long future. So, don't give yourself too much pressure now. You could pass the exam.

J***7 6/4/2017 3:29:38 PM

Is this village a real place in your waking life ... ??? Have u been there in real life ???

Sounds like a pretty and nice place to visit and in dreams it symbolize your destiny or your future goals ...The lakes and water means money or future income ... Mountains mean your success and achievements in the future after u completed your study in school ... What subject are u have an exam in ?

Your mom and aunty presence means they are helping u get there ... Especially your aunt this time... Your uncle may have helped in the past or u are walking in his foot step in study or business or profession
What was your uncle or aunty's profession ... ??? Perhaps u should follow their success to get to the same nice place u all wish to go to someday ... Good luck and Namaste ...Oh keep Laffing too on your journey there ... Like me ... LOL...!!!

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