Hi. I was born December 31 1980 . Midnight 12.00.
What is near future hide career/ marriage/money wise.
Thank you

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Were you born in Yemen? Are your single or married now?
I was born in london . I still single .
Hi Hoda,

Your were born in the Chinese lunar November. For the Monkey people born in this month, you are talented, frank, outspoken, tolerant but usually have a bad temper. For your career, it's not good to stay where you were born. If you could go to other places or other countries to work, you will have a good future. As you couldn't get help from your relatives or family memebers, it's hard for you to make a lot of money. Your luck after 40 will be good in all aspects. But it will turn to be bad when you are 56 to 60 years oled. After 70, your life will be very smooth. Your unlucky year include when you are 19, 27 and 36 years old.

You will marry late in life. After your work or business is stable and you have get some achievement, you can enjoy a happy marriage life.

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