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I've just use my birth year to calculate the "kua" number based on your instruction. I'm born in 1972, hence I used 7+2 = 9. Then use 9+5 = 14. 1+4 = 5. Correct?

If I base on my kua number 5 to check my auspicious directions and inauspicious directions on your webpage, they entirely the opposite from what I know when I visited a fengshui master.

For example, my supposed auspicious direction is east, south and southeast. But according to your chart, these are my INauspicious directions...

Have I calculated wrongly?



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Hi Josephine,

I'm not sure if your birthday is before or after the Chinese New Year of 1972.

The way you used to calculate your "kua" number is correct if your birthday is after Feb. 15. If your birthday date is before Feb. 15, your "kua" number will be 4. East, south and southeast will be your auspicious directions.
I am calculation my husbands Kia number. He was born on 24th July 1990. After Chinese New year it should be 9+0=9 9+5=14 and then 4+1=5 right?? But in your chart it's 1. I am so confused. Please help
Hi Rida Zahid,

You calculated by using Kua Number for Female, so you got the wrong number.

It should be 9+0=9 10-9=1.

1 is his Kua number.

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