Favorables for 5/8/1952, Stockton CA and 12/11/60, Decatur, IL married couple


Also, which has more power, the room identity (bathroom, living room, etc.) or bagua?

Thank you for your generosity.


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Could you explain more about your question? What favorable do you refer to? favorable directions?
Hello.... actually I am asking about compatibility, marriage, and such as a couple.

And the second question is which is more important, the bagua or the type of room it is.

Thank you so very much!
You are the match or Dragon and Rat. It's a perfect match in Chinese Astrology:
You could be a happy union and can build up a firm and affluent family. The male dragon is vigorous, filled with pioneering spirit and immersed in the happiness of his wife's loyalty and optimism. While the smart and sociable female rat also considers her husband a hero and is willing to be always with him. In family economy, the male dragon is capable of bringing in money, and the female rat is wasteful. Thus, they are a perfect combination of economy.

It's hard to say which is more important for room identity and Bagua. Both of them play important role in life.

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